OpenCVはオープンソースのライブラリです.バグをみつけたら[[bug report>]]するなり、修正pull requestをgithubに送るなりしましょう。

OpenCV is an open source library.  If you find a bug, first check the [[wiki>]] or send a pull request to github.  If there isn't a same problem, through it to track.

|ticket|fixed in...|
|[[operator != not implemented in some structures>]]|[[r3946>]]|
|[[CvSparseMat doesn't have 'total' as a member anymore>]]|[[r5389>]]|
|[[highgui doesn't react to some keys WITH_QT>]]|[[r5523>]]|
|[[CV_REDUCE_MAX and MIN don't work properly on CV_16S and CV_16U>]]|[[r5545>]]|
// 早すぎんだろJK…たった9時間だぞ……


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