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Boardtype of adapterouter x innnerVoltageReference
DragonBoard 410cEIAJ34.75mmx1.7mm12V
Firefly RK3399DC2.15.5mmx2.1mm
Helio X20EIAJ34.75mmx1.7mm
Jetson TK1DC2.55.5mmx2.5mm
Jetson TX119V
Jetson TX2
Le PotatoUSB Micro-5V
Orange Pi OneEIAJ24.0mmx1.7mm
Orange Pi One Plus
Orange Pi PC2
Orange Pi RK3399DC2.15.5mmx2.1mm12V
USB Type C-5V
Orange Pi zeroUSB Micro-
Orange Pi 2G IoT-
PINE64(not LTS)-
PINE64(LTS Version)-3.5mmx1.35mm
Raspberry Pi 3USB Micro-
Tinker Board-
Type of adapterBoard
USB Type COrange Pi RK3399
USB MicroLe Potato, Orange Pi 2G IoT, Orange Pi zero, PINE64(not LTS), Raspberry Pi 3, Tinker Board
Outer 2.5mm x Inner 0.8mmODROID-C2, ODROID-X2
Outer 3.5mm x Inner 1.35mmPINE64(LTS), PINEBOOK, ROCK64
EIAJ2CI20, Orange Pi One, Orange Pi PC2, Orange Pi One Plus
EIAJ3HiKey, DragonBoard410c, Helio X20
DC2.1Firefly RK3399, Orange Pi RK3399, ODROID-XU4
DC2.5Jetson TK1, Jetson TX1, Jetson TX2
5VCI20, Le Potato, ODROID-C2, ODROID-X2, ODROID-XU4, Orange Pi One, Orange Pi One Plus, Orange Pi PC2, Orange Pi RK3399, Orange Pi zero, Orange Pi 2G IoT, PINE64(LTS/notLTS), PINEBOOK, ROCK64, Raspberry Pi 3, Tinker Board
12VHiKey, DragonBoard410c, Helio X20, Firefly RK3399, Orange Pi RK3399, Jetson TK1
19VJetson TX1, Jetson TX2

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